Older Projects

The below are older video projects from my B.S in Communications while attending Northwestern University: 

1- 2D Animation Project: Tooth Fairy

This short 2D animation titled “Tooth Fairy” was made by me under the mentorship of my professor, Muqeem Khan. This was part of my “Computer Animation 2D” class in the fall semester of the year 2010. The project was to base a (1) minute 2D animation video on a myth of our choosing that was familiar to us from our childhood. The project started with drawing storyboards, then I sketched the characters, scanned them, colored them on the computer, then working on both Final Cut Pro and After Effects putting the story together with the voice over.

2- Cinematography Project: Circle of Life

This short 5 minute film titled “Circle of Life” was directed and produced by myself and two of my classmates from Northwestern University under the mentorship of our professor, Brian Cagle. This project was produced during our class “Cinematography” in the fall semester of the year 2009. The aim of this project was to produce a full short film that communicated a message and certain feelings depending only on images and scenes. We were not allowed to use any sound effects or music, which added to the challenge. The Circle of Life basically shows how short life is, and how in a short amount of time, which is portrayed by the top toy thats spinning, so many different events can occur.


3- Media Construction Project: Playing with Jimmy

This short 3 minute film titled “Playing with Jimmy” was a project in which a group of three other classmates and myself directed and produced under the mentorship of our professor, Brian Cagle, during our class “Media Construction” in the spring semester of the year 2009. The project was for the assigned groups to produce a complete story that had some sort of complexity or twist within the 3 minute timeframe while making it as visually aesthetic as possible.