Visualizing the Forgotten

The thesis’ application is a production of an additional book titled “Visualizing the Forgotten.” In this book, the history of the Syrian crisis will be documented and encapsulated since its ignition. The book sheds some light on the various aspects and elements, like historical factors and political events for example, involved in this crisis which are also sometimes unique to it. 

This application book achieves humanizing visualizations by depending on empathy, individuality, and subjectivity as discussed in depth in the thesis document. It does so by basing the visualizations on one real story talking about one refugee at a time. It also continuously references these refugees and their families in the contextual graphs within each chapter to reinforce the idea that there are humans behind the charts, pixels and colors. 

*Click here to view the application book, Visualizing the Forgotten, online.


Below is the cover image of the application book:

Below are some examples of graphs, images, and visualizations from inside the application book: